Антироссийские санкции невыгодны, в первую очередь, самому Западу

All Russian people will render assistance and help to the population of Crimea and some other regions in Ukraine

The Russian Federation will render all necessary assistance to the people living in Crimea, south, eastern and south-eastern regions in Ukraine — irrespective of their nationality and confession.

Massive rallies that are held in Russia in support of all these people and raising funds to be transfered to cover their vital needs are vivid proof that the high wave of the Russian solidarity is gaining momentum.

Free referendums should be arranged in Crimea and these regions aimed at resolving the most vital issues dealt with their future life. It is stipulated in the current Ukranian Constitution.

No country all over the world should exert negative influence on the process of these referendums. They should not make attempts to dirupt them. The rights of all national minorities to use their national languages must be restored, and a decree banning «separatism» cancelled.

If Kiev tear off Russian-Ukranian agreement on basing Russian Black Sea Navy in Crimea, Russia in its response may well withdraw from other treaties and accords that have been sighned between Moscow and Kiev, including the treaty that recognised territorial integrity and borders of Ukraine.

NATO member-states should exercise restraint in military domain and must not send their armed forces (naval and others) to the areas adjecent to Ukraine. These states should not offer any moral and material assistance to those ultra-national groopings that have entrenched in the Ukranian capital, central and western regions of the country.

All armed groopings that have got or captured arms should be disarmed and disband in accordance with the 21st February Agreement signed by Viktor Yanukovich and three Maidan representatives as well as witnessed by Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and Poland. This accord must be fully implemented.

Russia will make an adequate resonse to all sanctions that are to be aimed at Russia and that are being talked about in Washington DC. Those sanctions will heavily backfire upon their potential authors.