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28 февраля В.П.Козин – руководитель Группы советников директора РИСИ, член-корреспондент РАЕН и профессор РАВН разместил на сайте московского Центра Фонда Карнеги собственный комментарий в ответ на статью «Не допустить взрыва в Крыму» Дмитрия Тренина и Эндрю Уайсса, которые на этом же сайте предложили план из восьми пунктов, реализация которых, по их мнению, позволила бы урегулировать ситуацию вокруг Крыма и разрешить «украинский вопрос» в отношениях между Россией, с одной стороны, а также ЕС и США, с другой.

On February 27, 2014, Carnegie Center in Moscow published a short article “Keep a Lid on Crimea” written by Dmitri Trenin and Andrew S. Weiss. The authors noted that “the recent severe deterioration in relations between Moscow and the United States and the EU over Ukraine is an additional source of unpredictability”.

They suggested eight “possible steps that might help head off the most dangerous scenarios”:

1) a public statement by President Putin supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity and opposing any moves by Crimea to secede;

2) a public commitment by the Supreme Rada speaker Turchinov and the new provisional Ukrainian government to resolve all disputes in Ukraine peacefully;

3) Moscow’s recognition of the new provisional government in Ukraine after it is formed and confirmed by the parliament, the return of the Russian ambassador to Ukraine, and the resumption of official dialogue between Moscow and Kyiv;

4) suspension of the implementation of the Ukrainian parliament’s decision to repeal the language law, which has fomented greater tensions in the country than it has helped fight separatism;

5) informal suspension by the Ukrainian authorities of the threat to prosecute citizens for separatism (citizens should, of course, be held accountable for their actions, but it is doubtful that the investigative organs are able to act impartially and carefully during a period of revolutionary turmoil);

6)  a resolution by the Ukrainian parliament confirming the nonaligned status of Ukraine, which was enshrined in law in 2010;

7) a reciprocal moratorium by Moscow on provocative steps like the possible distribution of Russian passports in Crimea or military movements by Black Sea Fleet units outside their base;

8) re-establishment of a human rights monitoring mission in Crimea led by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe that would pick up where a previous effort that ended in 1999 left off.

In my view all eight suggestions are irrelevant and therefore can not be implemented.

On the other hand, the following suggestions, inter alia, can and must be brought about:

1) revival of the right of all minorities to speak their native (local) languages without any hindrances;

2) cancelling the Supreme Rada decree banning "separatism" – it hampers the right to conduct referendums – the right guaranteed by the current Ukranian Constitution;

3) creation of human rights monitoring missions throughout the entire Ukraine, especially investigating cases or murder, rape, looting, etc. in the Central and Western regions of the country;

4) cancelling all military drills (exercises) that have been planned between NATO and Ukraine - for indefinite period of time;

5) disarming and disbanding all Maidan armed men – thus implementing the 21st February 2014 accord signed by the opposition Troika and President Yanukovich and witnessed by French, German and Polish Foreign Ministers;

6) Ukraine should pledge to honor and implement all bilateral and international agreements, and pay back all its financial debts in fixed period of time – to foreign countries and private companies.